International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians Needs You!


The International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians (IFSR) is one of the more than ninety Rotary International (RI) Fellowship and Action groups – established within RI to bring together Rotarians from all over the world who are or were Scouters or members of the World Organization of Scout Movements (WOSM) or World Association of Girl Guide and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) - to encourage a strong association internationally between Rotarians and a national Scout organizations.


Rotary International was the first volunteer organization to actively sponsor Scouting units around the World.


Scouts and Scouters’ motto "Be Prepared" is similar to Rotary’s "Service above Self" and Scouters (volunteer and professional and Scouting parents) are natural candidates for Rotary membership.  Scouts can associate with Rotary through Interact and Rotaract - and as they become adults they too can strengthen Rotary.  There are dozens of ways Scouts can help Rotary in joint projects.  IFSR has a pamphlet listing specific ideas in each of the Avenus of Service.  And Rotarians can help Scouts with leadership (at unit, national and regional levels), working on training and special joint projects throughout the world.  Active Rotarians who are also leaders in Scouting or Guiding may also be nominated by their Clubs to receive the Cliff Dochterman Award and Medal.


Rotary International’s President Elect John Kenny was one of the founders of IFSR and membership details of IFSR can be found in the IFSR web site at  The Asia Pacific Region is particularly rich with growth of both Rotary and Scouting.  Contact ATAS member Brian D. Thiessen, President Elect of IFSR at for more information. Scouting and Rotary need your help to expand Rotary and Scouting in your country.  We need Section Coordinators (to develop IFSR in your area) and throughout the world. Join us!