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ATAS Scout 2019.07.31

ATAS Association of Top Achiever Scouts ( a fraternity of Youth Top Achievers - King's, Queen's, Eagle, President's , Fuji, Tiger, Crown, Royal, Dragon Scouts etc.) - the successor of the 1st and 2nd Conclave of Eagle, King's, Queen's and Crown Scouts of the 10th and 11th WSJ in the Philippines and Greece, met again on this 24th WSJ in Summit Bechtel Reserve, WV, USA, another successful event since the Centenary WSJ in UK in 2007, the 22nd WSJ in Sweden and the 23th WSJ in Japan.

Bravo Mighty ATAS creating a Better World !

Calling ATAS World Members: Volunteer Opportunity with BSA
International Camp Staff Program


I hope you are doing well and filled with the spirit of scouting
excellence. As the Membership Director of ATAS World, I am delighted
to extend a special invitation to our adult members affiliated with
Rotary International or the International Fellowship of Scouting
Rotarians (IFSR).

We have an exciting opportunity for you to contribute to the scouting
community by assisting the Boy Scouts of America's (BSA) International
Camp Staff Program (ICSP) in interviewing potential counselor
candidates in your respective country.


The ICSP committee seeks ATAS World volunteers to participate in the
BSA ICSP counselor interview process. The BSA ICSP counselor interview
is a simple, in-person interview to confirm the ICSP counselor
candidate's English language skills and Scouting background. If
needed, BSA camps will conduct their interview to select ICSP
counselor candidates. ICSP counselor candidates who receive BSA camp
job offers will schedule a U.S. Embassy interview as a part of the J-1
Visa process.

Why Volunteer:

§  Help select high-caliber international camp staff.

§  Support the mission of fostering international understanding and
friendship among Scouts.

§  Contribute to the advancement of the Scouting community worldwide.

How to Volunteer:

If you are interested in participating, don't hesitate to contact the
ICSP committee at bsa_icsp@googlegroups.com. Your participation is
invaluable, and they appreciate your consideration and commitment to
Scouting excellence. To learn more about the ICSP, visit the
following: https://conta.cc/3ST5KgI (You may need to paste the link
into your browser). Please feel free to share this information with
any prospective ICSP counselors.

If you have any questions or need more details, please contact the
ICSP committee directly. Let's join hands to positively impact the
Scouting community and create memorable experiences for Scouters
around the globe.

Yours in Scouting,

Alexander Wong & Michael Files

BSA Chapter ATAS World

ATAS Australia January 2019

The 2nd National ATAS Gathering held by Scouts Australia at the 25th Australian Scout Jamboree held at Tailem Bend, South Australia 4-14 January 2019.


ATAS World Gathering during the APR Scout Conference in the Philippines at the Philippines International Conference and Convention Centre in Manila on 28 October 2018.

ATAS was formed in 2004 as a loose fraternity to unite all leaders who were once top achievers ( such as King's Scouts, Queen's Scouts, President's Scout, Eagle Scout, etc.) when they were youth members together so as to encourage them to assist and promote the aspiration of their youth members in their own NSOs and to encourage them to achieve the same level of success.

It proves to be very popular and through mostly the hard works of Simon Rhee #002 and other individuals it spreads and grows quickly from an APR outfit of old boys networks of a few APR Committee and related members to a world-wide body of over 10,000 members from all the 6 regions of WOSM and in about half of all the NSOs.

Whilst its growth is spectacular there are also many shortcomings accompanied by its quick growth by being too loose a body.

The aim of ATAS is for the promotion and encouragement of the progressive training of the youths of all those NSOs which still have a progressive training scheme leading to a Top Award for Youth members. On the other hand, this is still an old boys network for funs and fraternity open to all those Peter Pans who were once Top Achievers but will never grow old nor tired of Scouting.

ATAS does not mean to be a rigid or as a very centralized the organisation, we do not have the human and financial resources to manage such a diverse and large fraternity nor can we preempt/replace/surrogate the programme function of each NSO. Apart from hosting world event which is often held along with a World or Regional Event like the present 24 WSJ in West Virginia USA, it is to be co-ordinated and held by their own Local Chapter.

ATAS still remains as a Loose Fraternity (like the first Gilwell Group –where all Woodbadge Holders can wear a Gilwell Scarf) with an ATAS Patch on our sleeves. It is NOT or meant to be an organised and proactive international outfit coordinating and supervising all the functions of its many Chapters by the ATAS Management Committee but a loose fraternity for Top Achiever Scouts. Please note that ATAS does not have any Award System or Medal, nor any certificate, there is only ONE official ATAS Patch which should be worn on the sleeve if permitted by members’ own NSOs.

Please also note that ATAS membership is free, there is no admission charge nor subscription. All events are opened to all ATAS free of charge. Expenses are met by voluntary donation and contribution and mostly comes from Simon Rhee who made all the ATAS Patches and Scarves and travelling everywhere to present them all on his own funds.

Do Support ATAS.

Yours in Scouting

Alexander WONG
ATAS #007
Membership Director of ATAS World

which is now a Member (BP Fellow) of the World Scout Foundation.


Dear All Members of ATAS,


 PLEASE NOTE THAT ATAS does not have any Award System or Medal, there
is only ONE official ATAS Patch which should be worn on your sleeve if
permitted by your own NSO.

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ATAS Scout World
              Gathering 2017
Latest ATAS World Gathering during the 41st World Scout Conference in Baku of Azerbaijan on 17 Aug 2017.

"1st ATAS Gathering of ATAS Taiwan Chapter 19 Oct 2013 at Chientan Youth Centre, Taipei"


A GRAND AND FESTIVE ATAS GATHERING WAS SUCCESSFULLY HELD AT THE Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC) of DHAKA by the ATAS Bangladeshi Chapter on 27 November 2012 during the 24th Asia Pacific Regional Scout Conference which was attended by some 600 ATASs around the World!


No public financial appeal is allowed in ATAS.
Offenders will be removed from the roll of members
AND be reported to his/her NSO.


Another Big Congratulations to ATAS #334 Habibul Alam of Bangladesh Scouts for his Bronze Wolf of WOSM, presented to him on 29 November 2012.
Yours in Scouting,

Alexander WONG #007
Membership Director



The three (out of the seven) new Bronze Wolf holders for 2010-2011 approved and endorsed by the World Scout Committee are our fellow ATAS !!!

#007 Alexander WONG, #044 John RAVENHALL, and #EU003 Derek POLLARD.

2010.05.11 Would members of ATAS around the World kindly confirm, verify and to add on to this chart of Top Achievers of senior Youth section and send it to Alex Wong for updating. doc file
2010.05.11 Regrettably it seems some MSOs of WOSM have forgo progressive training system and have no more TAS in their NSOs.  




By the generous donations of #001, #002, and #007

ATAS is now a member of the Africa Scout Foundation

in addition to World Scout Foundation and the Asia Pacific Scout Foundation.

ATASs of the Boy Scouts of America Chapter have recently held a gathering at the Philmont Scout Reservation Training Center for a course for International Representatives organized by Peter Beret (Council Armstrong) #IA016



ATAS Management Committee Meeting in ATAS Room at Kandersteg International Centre during World Scout Committee Meeting 10 March 2012.




ATASs in Singapore Presidential Palace with the Chief Scout and President of Singapore.


 ATAS India, Madhya-Pradesh State launched on 26 June 2011 in a gathering of over 200 ATAS members at the State Headquarters of Madhya-Pradesh Bharat Scouts and Guides, Bhopal-India.



ATAS at Makati City Hall during APRSC Meeting in Philippines, April 2011.



An ATAS Room has been dedicated to Kandersteg World Scout Centre, Kander Lodge 1 Floor, Switzerland

 on 2 June 2010 with donations from the following ATAS

#001 Eric KHOO, #002 Simon RHEE, #004 Mukhuddin Bin Sarwani , #007 Alexander WONG, #044 John RAVENHALL, #071 Solomon LEE,

#234 Prakorb MUKURA, #334 Habibul ALam, #IA016 Peter ARMSTRONG, and #EU002 David BULL.







Some of our ATASs visiting Armenia Scout HQ in Yerevan on 8 Sept 2010 on their way to the 4th Eurasia Conference in Batumi, Georgia.

ATAS in Korea during 6th WSPU General Assembly November 2010.


NSOs outside APR and not Commonwealth countries are urged to supply us with their progressive training programme and their recognised Top Achiever Badge (such as Springbok in South Africa, Raider 1st Class in some NSOs etc.)

We are trying to comply a table of World Top Progressive Youth Programme / Training Awards. Your help will be much appreciated !

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News & Events
2023.08.01 Updated ATAS APR Member List, Sorted by Number (Rev. 28H) pdf file
2024.03.28 Updated ATAS APR Member List, Sorted by Association (Rev. 29C) pdf file
2012.02.29 Statement of Income and Expense pdf file
2011.July ATASs in Singapore Presidential Palace with the Chief Scout and President of Singapore. Photo
2011.06.26 ATAS India, Madhya-Pradesh State launched on 26 June 2011 in a gathering of over 200 ATAS members at the State Headquarters of Madhya-Pradesh Bharat Scouts and Guides, Bhopal-India. Photo
2010.12.30 Over 250 Dragon Scouts and ATASs attended a gathering at the Hong Kong Centenary Jamboree Photo
2010.10.09 The first ATAS reunion and badge presentation was held on Saturday, 9 October 2010 at the Texas World Speedway, south of College Station TX in conjunction with the Sam Houston Area Council 100th anniversary Jamboree (SHACJAM). Photo
2010.06.26 ATAS India Chapter gathering on 26 June 2010 at the Guides House in Bangalore Photo
2010.05.11 Would members of ATAS around the World kindly confirm, verify and to add on to this chart of Top Achievers of senior Youth section and send it to Alex Wong for updating. doc file
2010.05.11 Would members of ATAS around the World kindly confirm, verify and to add on to this chart of Top Achievers of senior Youth section and send it to Alex Wong for updating. doc file
2010.04.22 THE BHARAT SCOUTS & GUIDES: NATIONAL HEADQUAERTERS                                                      Circular No. 48/2010 pdf file
2010.03.27 PPM AGM, Bangladesh Photo
2010.01.19 ATAS Event in Sri Lanka was successfully held on 19th Jan 2010 at Nalanda College Auditorium, Colombo. Photo
2009.12.31 Another successful ATAS gathering attended by over 300 ATASs was held at the BSP Hotel in Mount Makiling on 29 December 2009 during the 26th APR Jamboree and the Golden Reunion of the veterans of the 1959 10th World Scout Jamboree. Some 200 Eagle Scouts of the BSP and BSA ; together with some Tiger Scouts, Queen’s Scout of Korea, Australia and Hong Kong become new ATAS members. Photo
2009.07.04 "Mini" Gathering of ATAS in Taiwan during their Jamboree on 4 July 2009. Photo
2009.03.19 World Scout Committee ATAS Members in Geneva 19-22 March 2009. Photo
2009.03.06 ATAS #273 and #IA012 also enjoyed their lunch with #007 and #261 when they passed by Hong Kong on 6 March 2009. Photo
2009.03.01 The ATAS gathering at the 6th APR Top Leaders’ Summit was successfully held in Hotel Annapurna on 1 March 2009 in Kathmandu Nepal. Photo
2009.02.18 ATAS World-BP Fellowship Certificate Photo
2008.10.18 ATAS at APR Regional Committee Meeting in Macau 18-19 October 2008 Photo
2008.10.11 ATAS Gathering at the ATAS-WORLD Malaysia, Royal Commonwealth Society, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 11th October 2008 Photo
2008.10.10 ATAS Gathering on 10th Oct. 2008 at the Hyatt Hotel, Singapore Photo
2008.07.16 2nd ATAS WORLD Gathering at the 38 World Scout Conference in Jeju, Korea 16th July 2008 Photo
2007.10.23 1st Management Committee Meeting of the 2nd Management Committee 23 Oct 2007 at National Youth Centre; Tokyo; Japan Photo
2007.10.07 APR-ATAS_2nd_Japan-TGM_Agenda_(Rev. 2) pdf file
2007.10.07 APR-ATAS_Meeting_Records_(Rev. 2) pdf file
ATAS met again in Hotel La Palisse in Kigali, Rwanda during the 13 Africa Regional Scout Conference with recruitment of new members from European and Africa Scout Regions in addition to those from APR who were there.


2007.08.04 12th APR-ATAS Centenary Gathering at 21st WSJ has been successfully completed Photo (680KB)
2007.07.25 BP Peak Expedition 1-4 September 2007 Circular (362KB) Ambassador (279KB) Invitation (229KB) Programme (39KB)
2007.07.18 ATAS Promotion Brochure Outside (1.3MB) Inside (1.8MB)
2007.04.19 Informal gathering of ATAS in Tokyo National Olympia Memorial Youth Centre during the meeting of APRSC Photo Gallery
2006.12.31 Queen’s Scout and HKSAR Scout Award Holders’ Reunion pdf file (14KB)
2006.12.02 Eagle Scout Recognition Dinner, Korea District, Far East Council, BSA (Mainly with US 8th Army & Air Force) Photo Gallery
2006.11.04 ATAS APR gathering in Hong Kong Photo Gallery
2006.11.01 ATAS APR gathering in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia Photo Gallery
2006.11.01 ATAS APR web site launched
2006.10.31 Singapore President’s Scout Chapter Photo Gallery
2006.05.20 6th Meeting: Grand Villa Resort & Butterfly Centre, Laguna, Philippines during the 5th APR Top Leaders Summit Photo Gallery
2005.12.30 5th Meeting: Sattahip, Thailand during the APR Golden Jubilee Jamboree Photo Gallery
2005.10.18 ATAS APR announcement of establishment pdf file (29KB)
2005.10.02 4th Meeting: Imperial Queen's Park Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand Photo Gallery
2005.09.08 3rd Meeting: Belisaire Iberostar Hotel, Hammamet Tunisia during the 35th World Scout Conference Photo Gallery
2005.07.30 2nd Meeting: Royal Navy Hotel, Sattahip, Thailand Photo Gallery
2004.12.11 1st Meeting: International Convention Centre in Brunei during the 21st APR Conference Photo Gallery


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